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4 Alternate Wedding Venues to Local Hotels & Banquets

Hotels & Banquets are the Best and Hassle Free Wedding Venues !!!
They definitely are if you want your Wedding Function to  be Standard | Mediocre | Expensive and so NOT Worth the Money Spent...
Here are some alternates according to us that can give any Hotel Wedding a Run for their Money if you are willing to Battle the remote chance of Bad Weather :
A Friend with a Farmhouse? 
The latest Trend in Weddings is Private Farmhouse Weddings and keeping that in mind Private Farmhouses are today available on Rent starting from INR 50,000 a Day to a Whooping INR 25,00,000 a Day depending on Location and Design giving each client scope to do something different - Scope to bring to Life their Dream Wedding !!!

Ever thought that you could Book a Resort in your Budget?
Well, We don't know your thoughts but it is definitely possible.
Barring a Few Cities and some Resorts in them, Resorts are definitely possible in believable budgets and are a beautiful escape from the Run of the Mill Weddings.
A beautiful Palace away from everything --- An evening surrounded with lights and candles and a sense of Royalty !/
Yes - It is Possible !!!
Palaces which have donned Royalty are today available on Rent for INR 5,00,000 upward and provide the setting for something truly memorable....

Ever thought of getting married on a Beach or a Mountain Top?
It is very much possible and something different that will leave the memories lingering for more...

These Wedding Venues and many more are possible with SILVER SAND PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD

Find of the Month - DJ Rohit and Teju

Book Vipin Aneja - India's Best Performer + Ghazal Maestro

Book the Best DJ's in your Budget

How to make your Event or Function Memorable

Have I got the Right Caterer, Decor and Entertainment?
Will my Guests go back talking positively?
I have not seen this artist perform - Is he good and if he is why have my friends not used him?

These are common insecurities faced when putting together a Wedding or an Event. Here are some insights from Silver Fox that will help you put together a Memorable Event :

>> Experiment : Break Away from the Run of the Mill !!!
" Its my Special day - I don't want to take a chance. Rohit used him and he was good" 
This is the philosophy that drives most people - Tried and Tested and though it seldom goes wrong what is it that will make your function different? The result is normally monotonous with all the events in the same social circle ending up looking alike as they have similar elements.

>> Price Points : There are hundreds of Artists and Event Services available in the same price point that are better !!!
Most people are scared - scared of what a new element will cost them compared to something they have tried and tested !!!
Read and Research about as many as you can - Take quotations and then choose the one that best meets your requirements and budget. It's an event where you are spending a lot of money - why should you settle for anything lesser. 

>> Be Practical : If he was a Friend he would do it for Free !!!
Would you do it for free? Like all other Professions, Events too is a Business that has been operating on Personal Relations and though PR is good it is not a marketing person you want to hire but a proficient professional who knows how to execute his part of the chain well. A Chain is only as weak as its weakest link and a smooth machinery operates insync with all its parts. Choose your Vendors and Artists with care that are willing to work with each other in co-ordination. Nobody does anything for Free and definitely we do not agree with the saying that "All Good Things Come Free"

>> Cater to the Requirements and Needs of the Guests rather than what you feel is good !!!
A Common trend is choosing what you find good - What you find good is maybe a headache for others. An Event or a Function normally has a Mixed Crowd differing in Age Groups, Likes, Social backgrounds and more...Cater to the needs of the majority and you will always give people something special to talk about.

>> Event Companies are Expensive - This is an Utter Myth !!!
People are normally scared to work with Event Companies feeling that they over price and reaching a Vendor or an Artist directly is always cheaper. This is utterly wrong !! It is the expertise of an Event Company to get the best deals and rates and put together an event professionally resulting in savings for the clients. Event Companies have got special deals from the vendors and artists owing to the volumes of work they give them.

>> Single Speciality Artists and Vendors who pose as Event Companies just because they have Contacts - Big No No !!!
Usually DJs act as Sound Vendors - Caterers want the Complete Contract for the Bar - Tenting Vendors call themselves Decorators - Sound Vendors call themselves an Event Company !!!
Sigh - It's like telling a Kidney Specialist to do a Heart Transplant...
If I am a DJ who is performing how in heavens grace can I operate the Sound? My job is to play good music while it is a Sound Engineer who needs to make sure that the sound quality is good. A Decorator usually has the Tent Vendor | Flower Vendor | Lights Vendor working for him and his job is to conceptualise the look of the evening and ensure that the Vendors do the Job to his reuirements. It is often found that a Tent Guy who has done a certain theme repeats it over and over again because he knows how to do that - How would a function look different to what the last one did?

All Packages / Artists and Vendors on Silver Fox are Verified and Approved and Come with our Seal of Guarantee ensuring Deliverance and Quality

Silver Fox is the Only RBI Approved and Visa and Mastercard Verified E - Market Place for Artists and Event Services !
 With a Hand Picked Selection of DJ's / Bands / Singers / Photographers /  Anchors and all other Event Services - We work with the Objective of  Providing Quality at Best Available Rates to each and every consumer using this Platform.
 Silver Fox additionally provides a Dedicated 24 x 7 Free Online Customer Care to assist all its Patrons for their Event and Advertising Production Based  Requirements 
Top Artists of the Month

Book King Mika Singh

With millions of fans across all ages all over the world, Mika Singh has given Punjabi music a distinct identity. His unique voice and style, has gained him vast critical appreciation in the last decade and also the title of a ‘Powerhouse Entertainer’.
We proudly choose to Call him The King of the Singhs !!! 

Book Suryaveer and his Band Ehsaas

The latest addition to the cult of young performers, Suryaveer Hooja, a versatile singer from New Delhi, has already carved a place for himself in the hearts of many. His tunes transcend time and genres and his unique approach of blending Western and Indian styles of music together is what sets him apart from the rest.

Book DJ  Angel

A drummer in school who realized her passion for spinning tunes in the year 2007, Angel has carved her path all the way to being one of topmost Remixers in Bollywood and otherwise. Aashiqui 2, Boss, Bullet Raj, Jai Ho, R’Rajkumar, Shaadi ke Side effects, Dedh ishqiya, Dishkiyaoon, Heropanti, Creature, Kick , Tevar , Khamosiyaan and Roy are a few of the accomplishments that pop out from her kitty of successes. Her style is unique and accessible, and she prides herself on the fact that she can read the audience’s mind and keep them partying all night long.
She is definitely rated amongst the Best Female DJs in Mumbai and the Top Ten DJs in India 


Book Agastya the Band

Derived from Agastya, who was a rishi muni in search of God, this band follows the philosophy of searching for Godliness through it's music. Since its conception in August 2010, it has grown to be named among the top sufi rock bands in Delhi. While performing covers, the rhythm patterns and almost everything has a new touch and a feel giving it a certain sense of uniqueness. The new compositions are refined till they have a reflection of joy and harmony.
The people behind AGASTYA are skilled and have new ideas which are implemented to our performances. Each AGASTYA jam session has a sense of uniqueness in it.


Book Parikshit and his Band Khwaab

Parikshit Soni aka Khwaab is a Delhi based Singer / Composer / Musician and Performer who prides himself in being India's First Solo "Rock Balladeer" singing tall with a Golden Voice and his Guitar and this performance along with two Unplugged Musicians goes under the name "Khwaab Unplugged" whilst his action packed performance with his full band is called "Khwaab - The Dream Performance" 
Having trained under the Jazz and Blues Maestro & Legend "Gautam Ghosh" - Khwaab has his eyes set for the Top Spot in the Bollywood Musical Industry.


Book DJ Amit B

DJ Amit B started his career in the late 90s. He has Played at the “DJINNS” Hyatt Delhi, “TAPAS” Hotel Vasant Continental (2001 – 2003), “Mirage” Hotel Crown Plaza as a Resident DJ (2003 – 2005) “CAPITOL” The Ashoka, New Delhi as Resident DJ ( 2006 – 2009). 
He is today rated in the Top Ten DJs in Delhi and one of the Best Wedding DJs in India.

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